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Hi, my name is Karla Lee.

Welcome to my life as a reporter for Scot Scoop.

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As a part of the social media team, I have the opportunity to take lots of pictures at school events.

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Having been a staff writer for almost three years with Scot Scoop has allowed me to cover and explore so many different topics. Below are some of my favorite articles that I've written.

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Store layout determines consumers’ shopping habits

Entering a retail store, the first thing a person will do is turn right. Coincidence? Not so much. The majority of U.S. retail stores purposefully design their store to steer the customer to turn right.

Carlmont club teaches students self-defense

Self-Defense For Girls Club offers students lessons to learn quick techniques to protect themselves from dangerous situations and strives to lower the rates of sexual violence.

Normalize menstruation

It’s that time of the month again. My thing started. Niagara Falls. Strawberry Season. Bad luck. These are some of the many terms that girls use all over the world instead of the word “period.” It’s as if periods and menstruation are forbidden words.

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